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About Dan's Woodshop:
      Dan's Woodshop has been owned and operated by Dan Stalzer in Fort Bragg, CA, since 1995. Dan recently moved his shop to Marin County, and teaches there (and occasionally in Guatemala), as well as creates custom wood furniture and built-ins for his local clients.
      Currently working with DM Custom Homes, Dan is creating a complete custom kitchen for their clients in the hills of Berkeley, CA.
      If you are considering Dan for a custom woodworking project for your home - you will not 
be disappointed. He works carefully with his clients toward the completion of their dream, appreciating their needs and style every step of the way. See his portfolio page for some of 
his current projects.
     Dan has been teaching classes in green woodworking (which he learned in the Appalachian style from Drew Langsner and John Alexander) since 1990. He is a graduate of the world-renowned James Krenov Woodworking School, College of the Redwoods, and has added spoon-making, special projects, tempeh and worm-bin making to his list of classes over the years.
     Every one of his classes is a life-changing experience. He was born to teach, and makes learning fun for everyone in his classes. In his chair & spoon-making classes, you will learn age-old techniques, how to 'read' the wood and determine its strengths, and in a short time that will fly by, you will create a chair or spoon that is unbelievably strong, yet lightweight and elegant.
     In the special projects class, you will get instruction to create and complete your own
piece of furniture, and Dan will guide you every step of the way, from choosing the wood to
constructing and finishing your piece.
     In Dan's tempeh- and worm bin-making classes, you and your friends will discover how easy 
it is to eat & live simply again!

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