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Greenwood Chair Making: 
Learn the Appalachian way: split a fresh log, then shape your chair parts sitting on a shaving horse, using an age-old drawknife. Learn to read the fiber of the wood, steam and bend the wood, and make a chair that is unbelievably strong, yet lightweight and elegant.
6-day class (can be weekends by arrangement), includes all materials.
$900 (minimum 4 students)
Dan's Classes: Isn't it time you got back to working with your hands?
Every class is hands-on, and always a good time. 

Whether young (7+) or old, beginner or advanced woodworker, you will leave these classes having made new friends, and re-connected with 
      the power of working with wood. Not to mention, you'll go home with your new creation!

We provide a variety of classes, see below:

     Classes may be held at the following​
          locations: San Anselmo residence,
          Woodshops in Petaluma, Oakland or
          Fort Bragg. Dan can also arrange to
          teach at your location.

     To register for a class, please fill out                       the contact information below, listing               the class, with your preferred time &    
          location. You may join a group, or 
          bring your own!

      If you have any questions concerning                     classes, class times or locations, please
          don't hesitate to call  (707-864-0000) 
          or email Dan at:  

Shaving Horse Construction: 
Once you sit on a shaving horse to carve your wood, you'll never go back. Make your own to take home!
2-day workshop, includes all materials. 
$425/person (minimum 4 students)    
Worm Bin Construction: 
You know you've been wanting one - this is your chance to make your own, and learn all about the wisdom of recycling your own food-to-garden!
​1-day workshop, includes all materials.
$150/person (minimum 4 students)
Special Projects: 
Spoon Carving: 
In your shop, or on-site, Dan will guide you while you create that project you've been dreaming of! 

$600/day plus materials, depending on projects chosen.
Don't have time to make a chair? Enjoy the same wood-carving 
experience, on a smaller scale! Split and carve, using a shaving 
horse and a drawknife; take home a hand-made spoon.
1-day workshop, includes all materials.
$125 (minimum 4 students)
Tempeh-Making: Dan can bring this class to you!
You have not tasted tempeh, until you taste fresh, home-made
tempeh with Dan! There's nothing like it. You will learn how to make it from 'scratch', and take some home.
​2.5 hour workshop, includes all materials & tempeh tasting.
$60 (minimum 4 students, call or email to schedule)