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Woodwork Magazine:
Dan shares his expertise in his article 'The Ray Plane Desk' in issue #69, June 2001, pp64-69. Back issues available at: www.woodwork-magazine.com.
"Six days with Dan - he inspires me all over again, every time I take one of his classes; and I've taken several in the past 5 years (chairmaking, spoonmaking, and shaving horse classes). I am a contractor, totally trained and equipped to work on my own, but I still keep coming back for more; and - I never leave disappointed."
                                                                               ~ Alec Milstein, CA
"Working with Dan is fun and informative. He has very quickly become a friend. His knowledge of wood is amazing - I've taken a few classes from him, and always take home some piece of woodworking knowledge I didn't have before. Also, I can't go home without some of his exotic wood for 
more projects."
                                                                               ~ Norm Baird, WA
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"Just smelling a piece of wood gets me started down a road filled with the wonder of creation, old friendships, and the great  stories we all share."
                        ~ Dan Stalzer
Dan proudly shares comments from his clientele and links from associations he's been honored to participate in over the years..... 
"Always a delight to take Dan's chairmaking class - I've done it so many times, we now have a full set! Can't stay away though; he's become a good friend and his uncanny approach to teaching the right thing at the right moment is pure delight. He's the best at what he does, and if you don't take one of his classes, you're missing out!"
                                                                                ~Marshall Rogers, CA
Dan is a long-standing member of this prestigious group of fine woodworkers. See some of his work, current and previous showings of the group at www.mendocinofurniture.com.
Mendocino Coast Furnituremakers:
Sundance Catalog:
Sundance, founded in 1969, first published its catalog locally in 1989, and is still going strong. Dan's traditional appalachian ladderback chair was featured in the Spring 2003 issue. (www.sundancecatalog.com)
Carpenters Without Borders, Guatemala:
In a teak forest in the jungles of Guatemala, there exists a woodworking school, started in 2007 by the shear will of a handful of dedicated people. Dan is proud of his affiliation as the school's first Master Woodworking Teacher, or 'Profeso'r', as his students fondly refer to him. See their project at www.carpenterswithoutborders.org.